American Wheels & Wheel Trims- New & Used

GMC Hub Cap- American Wheels and Wheel Trims

D B Motors have a huge selection of wheels and wheel trims in stock, including used wheels and trims from many years of dismantling American Cars.

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Often customers like to replace their ''space saver'' spare wheel for a full sized wheel and tyre. D B Motors can help if you would like to source a full sized spare wheel for your car.

D B Motors also stock wheels and wheel trims for Vans, Trucks and RVs, including chrome or stainless steel hub caps for dually Pick Up trucks and RVs.

Classic American Wheels

D B Motors also have a good selection of used wheels and trims for classic american cars including ''snowflakes'' and ''honeycombs'' used on cars like the Pontiac Trans-am.

Send an email with a picture to source a classic american wheel or wheel cover for you here at D B Motors or in the USA.

Pontiac Snowflake Wheel 15 x 7

Pontiac Snowflake Wheel 15 x 7 shown